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Klem, A.M. & Connell, J.P., Journal of School Health

“Relationships Matter” is one of six commissioned papers examining school connectedness as an important protective factor in the lives of young people.  This paper illustrates the relationship between student experience of support from teachers, student engagement, and academic achievement among elementary and middle school students. Using longitudinal data from the First Things First school...

Klem, A.M., & Connell, J.P. In L.R. Sherrord, C. Flanagan, R. Kassimir (Eds.), Youth Activism: An International Encyclopedia., Greenwood Publishing Co.

“Engaging Youth in School” provides an overview of the research on student engagement and learning.  The authors specifically investigate the three basic psychological needs underlying students’ engagement in their learning:  beliefs about competence and control; values and goals; and a sense of social connectedness.  From this foundation in research, the authors describe specific factors of...

Institute for Research and Reform in Education, Institute for Research and Reform in Education

This manual for the Research Assessment Package for Schools (RAPS) provides a brief overview of the theoretical framework that forms the foundation of RAPS, reviews what is in the RAPS, why and how the RAPS measurement tools were developed, and how the assessment package can be used for diverse purposes. The strategies and instruments that make up the RAPS measure four major components of IRRE...

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