IRRE Launches "The Forum for Forward Thinking"

February 9, 2011

IRRE has just launched a new blog called "The Forum for Forward Thinking: Collaborative Solutions to School Improvement."  So, why are we choosing to start a blog now?  Three reasons: 

 1.      We believe that the current influx of money and political capital going into school improvement 
          ought to be accompanied by honest, clear, and creative dialogue about how these investments can
          produce compelling, measurable, and sustainable results for students.
2.       Organizations like ours – in our entrepreneurial, vendor-fair and overcommitted world – too
          often remain so focused on our own work that we miss opportunities to engage in meaningful
          dialogue with other organizations equally committed to like-minded goals.     
3.       We see a drift occurring in our field toward what John Dewey called "either/or" thinking – where
          politics, ideology, and competition create false divisions and impede the potential of collaborative
We believe that the best thinking often begins on common ground, so we want to make our blog a place (a forum!) where we try to understand as much we try to be understood. We hope you want to do the same. Come join the conversation.
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