Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management Research Conference

The 2012 APPAM Fall Research Conference will be held November 8-10 in Baltimore, MD.The theme of the 2012 conference is "Policy Analysis and Public Management in an Age of Scarcity: The Challenges of Assessing Effectiveness and Efficiency". Sessions were solicited and accepted with this theme in mind. For a full description of the theme go here: (link is external) or to find out more information about the conference visit the FAQ page here: (link is external). This year's conference in Baltimore will be the largest APPAM Fall Research Conference to date, with over 250 sessions and 180 posters presented. If you're coming too - please come and find us!

IRRE was selected for our submission under the conference's cross-cutting theme "Boosting the Quality of Teaching." Papers, speakers, and panel discussants presenting within this theme will ask: "What is the evidence on promising policies and practices for selecting, training, and/or encouraging quality teachers? What management strategies can contribute to measuring and creating quality teaching What are practical or political barriers to change and how might they be addressed? What should be the policy priorities given the evidence?"

Here is a short summary of IRRE's panel session - we hope to see you there!
There is no more urgent and valid use of limited resources in education than to improve teaching quality. At present, public and private investors are committing significant dollars and political capital to establish teacher evaluation systems that link performance (student outcomes and instructional practice) to job retention and compensation. Serious questions are being raised as to whether tying teacher salaries and job security to student outcomes and effective practices will actually improve teaching, or simply change who is teaching. In this panel, IRRE's President, Dr. James P. Connell and Director of Field Services, Dr. Julie Broom, will present and discuss papers alongside our school, district and state partners from Arizona, and a team of university-based researchers. Together, we will be discussing and exploring a “developmental” approach to integrating system-wide instructional improvement with teacher evaluation.