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January 18, 2011

IRRE's "Measuring What Matters" catching on in Arizona

Two Arizona news outlets recently reported on IRRE's exciting partnership with the Agua Fria Union High School District in Arizona. Featured in these reports is IRRE's Measuring What Matters (MWM), a set of tools, processes, and supports designed to improve teaching and learning in the classroom.  With MWM, school leaders develop a common language about what good instruction looks like and are provided the tools to gather valuable data to guide the supports they provide to their teachers. As Verrado High School principal Tom Huffman explains, "It's very easy for us as administrators to go in the class and say, 'We like what we see or we don't like what we see.' Having this common vocabulary and large amounts of data - 898 visits, in our case - versus one evaluation, makes a big difference." To read more and follow these news stories visit the Arizona Republic here: and the West Valley View here:  And, click here for more information about MWM.