Areas of Work

IRRE is organized into two divisions: Field Services and Strategic Consultation and Evaluation. Our Curriculum and Instructional Benchmarking program and its constituent elements comprise the work of the Field Services division. Our Strategic Consultation and Evaluation division helps foundations, school districts, local, state and federal education and youth development agencies develop investment strategies for improving child and youth outcomes. We also design and help build “data infrastructures” to track, report and evaluate results from these initiatives.

Field Services

IRRE’s Field Service works with school and district clients to improve instruction and personalize learning environments. We build our clients' capacity to teach more rigorous content, teach it well and to monitor and support fellow educators through use of data on student performance, learning experience, classroom practice and the quality of supports received by educators. We work with system leaders to strengthen the conditions for success of these educator-directed activities. Our field service projects have been funded by major foundations, the U.S. Department of Education, and state departments of education. Research reports on IRRE’s and our clients’ efforts describe positive results including increases in student achievement and graduation rates.

The Institute for Research and Reform in Education’s success lies in our approach to professional development and use of data. Our approach to professional development begins with compelling research and our own experience showing adults need diverse opportunities  to encounter new strategies and concepts as learners, process the new learning, and then practice it with colleagues to ensure its’ transfer into the classroom. We do this by modeling high quality content and pedagogy in all of our training and then following up training sessions with wrap around supports including site visits, on-site coaching, and webinars to deepen learning.

IRRE supports use of data through a continuous improvement system anchored in IRRE’s portfolio of assessments called “Measuring What Matters”. These assessments reliably and efficiently measure the most important indicators of student learning and learning experiences; effective practices by educators; and quality of supports being received by educators. Our Field Services staff work with educators and educational leaders to ensure all of these results get used to improve practice NOT to sort or evaluate students and educators.